About Kyle

Based out of Lincoln, Nebraska, Kyle is a 29 year old freelance travel, adventure, and lifestyle photographer. With yearly vacations not satisfying the travel itch, Kyle and his wife Kendra made a new year’s resolution to adventure somewhere new once a month while still maintaining balance within their personal lives, careers, and healthy lifestyles. Equipped with travel reward points and a camera, they have been fortunate to fly helicopters in Hawaii, beach camp in Oregon, live the “van life” in Washington, and create content for amazing brands. Storytelling through his camera, Kyle inspires others to stop scrolling through social media in wanderlust and prove it can be a reality for anyone, anywhere.

Kyle partners with brands, agencies & travel destinations to create content aimed at inspiring others to embrace travel, adventure and the outdoors. With the social reach of hundreds of thousands of travelers, adventurers, and those with a love for nature, he is able to share & promote travel destinations, experiences and relevant brands that he personally trusts.

            • Commercial photography
            • Tourism boards
            • Social media campaigns
            • Sponsored social posts
            • Image licensing